Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Your Guide to Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire extinguishers are indispensable features to be installed not only as a fire protection for every NYC business but also to be in compliance with the Fire Codes. But once these fire safety tools are in place, they easily blend into the background and most people often forget about them. For most places, fire extinguishers are only installed as a protocol and they may never be needed. 

However, nothing is worse than a fire extinguisher not working in the event of a fire. Therefore,
fire extinguisher maintenance is just as important a step in fire protection and safety in your commercial building as is its installation, if not more.

So, follow these 3 simple maintenance inspection routines to ensure fully functioning fire extinguishers when the need arises.

  • Visual Monthly Inspections. As per OSHA regulations, every commercial building is required to perform a visual fire extinguisher maintenance routine once per month. These checks ensure the following key points:
    • that the fire extinguisher is in its designated place;
    • that no physical damage has occurred to it;
    • that no obstruction is in the way of its easy access and visibility;
    • that it is fully charged and operational within its manufacturing and expiration date. 

  • Annual Professional Inspections. The annual fire extinguisher maintenance & inspection must be performed by a licensed fire protection company. A company specializing in fire protection will send in technicians who are trained and equipped with the necessary tools to probe that complete compliance within the OSHA  regulations and fire codes are being followed. During these inspections, they can also repair or replace any faulty or damaged fire extinguisher on the same day. 

  • Internal Professional Inspections. An internal fire extinguisher maintenance & inspection should be administered every 5, 6, or 12 years, depending on the type of fire extinguisher installed.

These inspections will also require the services of a certified fire protection company. During these maintenance checks, the technicians will perform a thorough internal examination and recharge the extinguisher to ensure the components are working properly. 

Additionally, the fire extinguishers’ cylinders may also need to be hydrostatically tested to ensure their integrity and ability to contain the pressure needed to expel the fire extinguishing agent.

Hence, detailed fire protection maintenance and inspection must be performed not only to fulfill the OSHA and NFPA codes but also to optimize the safety of your building’s occupants and the business. So, if you notice any damage to your fire extinguisher, or haven't caught up in the annual inspections, it’s time to call William Hird & Co. at the earliest.


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